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Hello, fellow foodies. I'm Lindley, a serious food addict from Greenville, SC. In my totally unbiased opinion, Greenville has always had amazing food coupled with an unmatched atmosphere. Over the past few years, people from near and far have taken notice to this fact and, as a result, Greenville has become a total HUB for new restaurants, bars, bakeries, breweries, food festivals, etc. and I'm most certainly not complaining... I am currently attending the best school in the nation (again, a totally unbiased opinion), Clemson University. As most of you may know, Clemson recently won the National Championship so, similarly to Greenville, the city of Clemson has continued to grow and grow. Luckily, this growth brings a slew of new businesses to town. Two other cities close to my heart, Greer and Travelers Rest, have also began to blow up in the food world and I am equally excited about the growth of these neighborhoods as well. I love, love, love trying new foods/places but I also love enjoying my all-time favs (sometimes those new places coincidentally become my all-time favs) so I plan to make this blog a mix of the two. I'm excited to share my finds in my favorite hometown cities with you all and I hope you stick around for more!


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