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Confession time: Wednesday was my very first time at Chicken Salad Chick. With three locations in Greenville, I’m honestly crazy to have never checked it out but the opening of the new Easley location gave me the excuse I had been looking for to stuff my face with chicken salad.

Growing up in the South, I’ve had my fair share of chicken salad (some better than others) so you could say I came in with pretty high expectations and boy, they were met. First and foremost, the employees at the Easley location were so friendly and quick to offer up all their favorites. I royally suck at decisions so I needed all the help I could get considering there are 12 different kinds of chicken salad to choose from (yes, 12). I finally decided on Buffalo Barclay, Cranberry Kelli, and Olivia’s Old South. Initially, I planned to rate them for you guys from my favorite to my least favorite but then I tasted them… Three-way tie. However, they each had their own unique aspects that made them individually delicious. First, Buffalo Barclay: I honestly chose this one because I thought it sounded fun and very, very different from anything my grandma has cranked out and I am so glad I did! Just imagine your favorite crockpot buffalo chicken dip but a little toned down so eating it with a spoon isn’t frowned upon. But seriously, this one is a must try even though it may seem a little odd. Next up, Cranberry Kelli. I was definitely partial to this one because this is how I make my own chicken salad (with almonds and dried cranberries) but I must say I think they’ve got me beat. Last but certainly not least, Olivia’s Old South. This one really made me think of my grandma and her chicken salad. It’s hard to go wrong with this one; it’s your typical, comforting combination of sweet pickles and egg that never seems to disappoint. As if the chicken salad decision wasn’t hard enough, they also have tons of sides to choose from including salads, “salads” (AKA pasta salad, grape salad), and mac ‘n cheese. I highly recommend the grape salad that comes tossed in some yummy type of sweet, cream cheese mixture and topped with brown sugar/crushed pecans (seriously so good paired with the savory chicken salad). Oh, one more random side note: the cookies that come with the plates are so dang good. You know the frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store with the bright icing and sprinkles? Yeah, basically those (but even softer).

The convenience of it all won me over from the start… you mean I can walk in and get homemade, good-as-grandma’s chicken salad with no fuss? But wait, it gets better! They also have what they call “Quick Chicks” which is just a grab-and-go section stocked with all your favorites. This would be perfect for a lunch break, a quick family dinner, or just a busy weekend. Even better than that, the Easley location has a DRIVE-THRU! Can you tell I’m pumped for chicken salad without all the hassle?

Overall, CSC is a super yummy spot with something for everyone regardless of their chicken salad preference. I will definitely be back to try the remaining 9…

Chicken Salad Chick is located at 5709 Calhoun Memorial Highway and is open M-Sat 10:30AM-8PM.

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